Company Profile

Who We Are

ZCCM Investments Holdings PLC is a premier diversified mining investments and operations company with a primary listing under ISIN number ZM0000000037 on the Lusaka Securities Exchange in Zambia, and secondary listings on the London Stock Exchange and the Euronext Access Exchange in Paris


To be a world-class mining and energy investment company that benefits the people of Zambia


To create tangible wealth sustainably for the benefit of the Zambian people and all our stakeholders

Our Values

We give respect to ourselves, our peers, our stakeholders, subordinates, our superiors and our business partners
Transparency and Accountability:
We respect processes and procedures in an open manner in all our dealings and take ownership of our actions.
We resolve to always act and operate ethically, in dealing with one’s colleagues and for one’s stakeholders even when no one is looking.
We will achieve more with less and apply all our resources optimally.
We will always strive to work together as a team.

Our Journey Thus Far

ZCCM-IH has a rich and varied history spanning more than 50 years before Zambia’s Independence in entities that preceded it but which have helped shape its current form. Below is a summary of this journey.

Our Investment Profile

Areas in which ZCCM-IH invests include:

Mining Assets

Minning Assets

Energy Assets

Energy Assets

Other Assets

Other Assets

Our Strategic Focus

In its transformed state as an investments holding company, the Company’s strategic focus areas are:

Strategic Focus Area 1: Extract, and where possible, to add value to our current portfolio;

Strategic Focus Area 2: Investment in greenfield and brownfield mining, and mining related ventures across a diverse range of minerals;

  1. Commodity diversification to include cobalt, gold, manganese and other base metals, gem stones, limestone, phosphate and rare earth mineral;
  2. Value addition downstream and exploration upstream; and
  3. Energy to support sustainability of mining operations

Strategic Focus Area 3: Achieve operational and financial excellence;

Strategic Focus Area 4: Generate greater shareholder value by ensuring price discovery on our stock exchange listings.

With a renewed strategic focus, ZCCM-IH is driven by a new strategic impetus anchored on the theme, “Investing S.M.A.R.T.L.Y”. We are committed to Sustainability which is embedded in our business model by ensuring adherence to Environmental, Social, and Governance principles. This will be Managed by our people proactively, with business Accretive and agility to drive our portfolio and revenue growth, whilst ensuring Risk mitigated investments, to be undertaken in a Timely, effective and efficient manner, with business Longevity in purpose, that Yields a return on investment and maximizes shareholder value.

Managed proactively
Accretive and agility
Risk mitigation

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